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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  August 16, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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no ground rules and nothing off limits. bannon plays a central role and he is a fact witness in the russia role. and we will sit down to talk about it. friday night report right here on msnbc. "hardball" is up next. >> the russia thing again. let's play "hardball." good evening, i am chris matthews in washington. desperately seeking an escape from omarosa, donald trump is once again abused his historic office. to get omarosa off his back for a few hours and to silence those. he has revoked security
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clearance of john brennan. to attract media glare, trump is threatening to do the same to nine other foreign officials. many of whom like brennan have been outspoken. the need to protect classified information. however, within hours the president blew that cover story and gave away the game revealing his true motive. telling the "wall street journal," he blames brennan and others. "i call it the rigged witch hunt. it is a sham." trump is using the power of the presidential office to silence his critics. and he shows how vulnerable he feels about russia collusion.
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trump's director of national intelligence dan coats" was not informed before the announcement." the omarosa tapes, media blitz continues today she released a new tape that showed the members of the family itself offering her hush money. brennan struck back claiming mr. trump's claims no collusion are in a word hogwash. the only questions that remain are whether the collusion that took place constituted criminally liable conspiracy. what a news night. joining me now is robert costa. glen kerr shner.
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the president of the united states is using his ability to yank security clearances from somebody he doesn't like. it also creates a story that he could have created weeks ago but used for a rainy day. this being a rainy day, he did it today. it seems to be obviously to shift the attention. your thoughts? >> a president at war on all fronts. talking to white house officials today. they say it is not just about omarosa manigault newman, it is about the foreign establishment who seems to be on his side and lashing out at anyone who is criticizing it. and linking it to the russian investigation. >> glen, what do you think about this? the president of the united states has executive power over a lot of things including
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security clearances. his use of that power today is that abuse? >> evidence of criminal conduct and corrupt intent. when we look at the history of what the president has done that has made him look guilty. whether it is starting with russia starting with the e-mails. and then fires director comey and telling lester holt, i was thinking about the russia thing. the trump tower meeting. the cover up of the trump tower meeting. and now, yanking the director of the fbi, former director fbi's security clearance for just retribution. i've got to tell you, as a career prosecutor, i have handled countless conspiracy and obstruction of justice cases and i only wish i had evidence like this to support those prosecutions. i didn't. it is really dramatic and over the top. >> jennifer, i'm not a lawyer, but i am a student of trump.
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and i have watched him in his wily ways and he has a number of weapons. if he sees he is in trouble on one topic, he holds something out here. even if it embarrasses him. and there it is robbery in plain sight. i did it because i don't like him on the russian friend. he has accused me. approxima and also gets away from the face of omarosa. >> that is not a win in a court of law. he is deepening the problems. he is on television to a major newspaper just like he did with lester and confessing his corrupt intent. >> why does he do it? >> he can't help himself and can't get it through his head that he can't do it as president
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of the united states. he thinks whatever he wants to do is fine. no conception of the constitution and no conception on his legal powers. >> he doesn't read, so he won't read it. look, the interesting thing to me is this is a clear abuse of power. you can call it that. i don't know if it is illegal or not. the president has wide ranging powers over security clearances. but you can only call this an abuse of power which was one of the counts of the -- one of the impeachment articles that was being drawn up against nixon. this congress will never acknowledge that this clear abuse of power took place and it is what it is. and they will never draw what i
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believe a bright line connecting those comments. >> they are a bunch of rabbits and race back to their hole every time trump is questioned. here is a man of courage. retired navy admiral took the president to task for revoked the security clearance. writing quote, if you think for a moment that your mccarthy-era tactics will suppress the voices of criticism, you are sadly mistaken. the criticism continues. i would consider it an honor if you would revoke my security clearance as well so i can add my name to the list of men and women who have spoken up against your presidency. will even that? >> searing criticism.
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well-known. but we still have people inside the administration. john kelly, general mattis, who stand by this president. people from the military in cabinet posts at a rate we haven't seen. they stand by this president yet others speaking out. interesting to see who follows mcraven. and who follows brennan. >> you and i were speaking before the program. i am spartacus. great moments in the movie. i am him. they all got crucified. >> we are talking about the republicans making one choice and everybody else has to make a choice too. are you going to behave as shamefully as john kennedy. >> the same guy from louisiana. not the real john kennedy.
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>> are you going to be like that or are you going to stand up for what is right and put country before party and in this case, i have not seen more than a couple of republicans and not even consistently put country before party. and that is a sorry scene we are seeing right now >> imagine how this is seen out at langley in the cia, intelligence professionals who are watching the spectacle of a president. because he criticized him. it has to have a tremendous effect on morale. >> robert, your reporting trumps lawyers. we would have to move to quash the subpoena and we're pretty much finished with our memorandum opposing subpoena. and after all this mumbling and
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embarrassment by the man who was once known as america's neighbor -- not neighbor, america's mayor. weeks and weeks of this mumbo jumbo. and now announcing they are not going to honor any subpoena. what do you think they are up to now? >> they laid out the choice for mueller. taunting mueller with this statement. you issue that subpoena, and we fight it at the circuit court and district court. it will go into november and maybe december. saying mule, eller, if you are g to issue it, issue it. lay it out this summer, months before the election. >> if a president of the united
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states dodges a request to talk, in most cases, i know you are not supposed to think this, but when you see a guy take the fifth, they figure this guy has something to hide. >> we have to look at the em -- implications of taking the fifth. it sure looks like he has now morph morphed into a target of the investigation. >> the president has. >> the president has and we don't normally subpoena targets because they have the fifth amendment rights. but let's assume that mueller secures the necessary permission. >> who would he get that from? >> the way the u.s. attorney's manual is written, he would have to apply to the assistant
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attorney general. rod rosenstein. so he would subpoena the president. the issue goes up to the supreme court. it could take months to resolve. let's assume it leads the supreme court to say we sanction it. we think the sitting president is subject to a grand jury. he raises his right hand and states his name and invokes the fifth amendment right against self incrimination as he is entitled to do. bob mueller can't use that in a court of law. you have a constitutional right. it could be used in a court of public opinion. and it could be used in impeachment hearing. i don't think he will try to issue a subpoena. >> that tells me giuliani has not been telling the truth in all of these months. nobody ever decide to let speak
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under oath. >> no. would you? it would be an utter disaster. >> can you see him taking an oath? >> he would confess to crimes that mueller wouldn't know about. >> you know, something else, and this is our country. thank you. this too shall pass. thank you for that insight. fear and loeathing in the west wing as omarosa releases more tapes today. waiting for the next shoe to drop. looks like the president's own family was trying to buy her off to keep her quiet. trump is using the power of his presidency to quiet her. where is paul ryan?
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and steve bannon's pitch? death of a legend. what a loss today, aretha franklin passed away at the age of 76. a moment of hers that brought president obama to tears. finally ending with trump watch. and this is "hardball" where the action is. and if that's not enough to help you save, we could start a carpool. look at this traffic. don't worry. ok, if that's not enough we'll start a trainpool. oh i have a meeting in five minutes. and if that's still not enough... i got it. we'll just create a shortcut. we'll do anything, seriously anything to help you save. ally. do it right. talking 4th quarter? yes.
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the war of words between trump and omarosa continues today. releasing another tape. playing an audio recording of the president's daughter-in-law, laura trump offering her, omarosa a job to keep her quiet. referring to an article posted the day before suggesting that omarosa had dirt on trump. >> obviously, "the new york times" article and stuff. >> what is "the new york times" article? >> the one that, the one that, i guess it was with maggie haberman. it sounds a little obviously there is something that the --
4:19 pm
can pull out. >> oh, god no. >> and the only thing that we have to consider when we are talking salary as far as the campaign is concerned. as you know, everything is public. and that all the money that we raise that pays salaries are from donors. i know you were making 179 at the white house. and i think we can work something out where we keep you right along those lines specifically. talking about 15 k a month. let me see what that adds up to. yeah. 180,000. does that sound like a fair deal for you? >> does that sound good for you? omarosa chose to share several
4:20 pm
experts of a longer recording. lara trump responding with this statement. woman to woman i shared a connection with omarosa as a friend and a campaign sister and i am absolutely shocked of her betrayal. omarosa said she saw this as a way to buy her silence. >> i saw this as an attempt to buy my silence. to censer me and to pay me off $15,000 a month. >> you saw this as hush money. >> donald trump is wrong. >> staffers on edge. one former trump aide told politico, people are terrified. for more, i am joined. i don't think it takes a lot of
4:21 pm
analysis. i would say they are buying her silence and put together with evidence we had her. we better buy her. >> i thought this was more damning than the kelly tape. there are excerpts where we want to make this friendly for open. this was clearly -- >> it is just money. will you take this money. will you take this money. >> they didn't say what her role would be. and directly referenced this in response to a new york times article. what she has doled out.
4:22 pm
>> it is a cut out as we say in the world. you get somebody who is not you. saying i will give you 15 k. he wanted plausible deniability. >> lara trump has been involved in the campaign for a long time. >> can she say, it is not her money. >> for trump it is always a family affair. >> his daughter out there doling out 15 k a month. >> of course they are trying to buy her silence. this is a family affair. and you have seen in lara trump, she has learned the need of doing this. it happened and if you don't
4:23 pm
have anything to hide, you don't have to pay people off to keep them quiet. for starters, the trump administration could try to follow ethics laws and try to avoid stepping into controversy every other day. because they can't, they are running around buying people's silence. and the other interesting thing about what she said, is she never denied that she made an offer of money. she simply said the tape was a fraud and left it at that. and that she was disappointed. but haven't stepped back from the idea that they put money on the table. and nothing else they would be hiring omarosa to do. suggested speaking gigs. we will give you $15,000 a month to hang around washington and be nice. >> according to vanity fair, president trump is anchored by the book that he wants jeff sessions to have manigault
4:24 pm
newman arrested. >> are you concerned at all about being arrested? >> well, what mr. nixon -- i mean what mr. trump does, will be brought to light. every action he takes against me jeopardizes me. i don't have any fear. >> we talked to jennifer rubin. does he think he is the king? i am going to have her arrested? at most a civil action. to say i am going to have her arrested, who does this? >> we know that he wants jeff sessions to do a lot of things that jeff sessions hasn't been doing. >> go arrest her. >> omarosa has been taking
4:25 pm
meetings and wearing disguises. and giving tapes to family members because she thinks she might be murdered >> back in 1997, donald trump the citizen was asked how he treats his enemies. let's catch this. >> when the circumstances present themselves or if the circumstances present themselves, i will make people pay. i believe in that. i believe very much in an eye for an eye. and i think a lot of other people do too. and i think foolish people don't. >> there he is, citizen trump and now he is president trump thanks to the electoral college. >> he always suggests that he is going to sue his political and business enemies. he often doesn't follow through.
4:26 pm
in omarosa's case, she is a kindred spirit. and she has tapes and he feels cornered. the president of the united states rather than prioritizing the country's business and addressing things like hundreds of migrant children who have been separated or trade war in china is in this silly tete-tete with omarosa. >> nixon would sit around with his chief of staff and worry about watergate allowed. and this guy has to worry about manafort, cohen, flynn. >> to be the point of distraction. >> he doesn't have time to be president. >> omarosa worked with trump for
4:27 pm
15 years and had this warning today for the president. >> i am not going anywhere. i am not going to be bullied and i am not intimidated. i am going to be toe to toe with them. believe me, my tapes are better than theirs. he is trying to intimidate my publisher, and trying to intimidate me. he has met his match. >> i wrote a piece comparing this dribble of tapes, we don't know how long this will go on for. >> you said she has copies of these tapes to her friends. >> distraction level that harmed the clinton campaign. every day there was an e-mail dump. and there is no gotcha moment.
4:28 pm
the reality is that it is a distraction that he can't stay away from it, from responding it. and totally taking them off message if they had one. >> i see him wearing, the last couple of weeks. so many people coming. so much testimony that may have already been given to the prosecutor. so much stuff that could come from people like manafort. it seems to me he has so many things in his mind. and physically starting to show it. >> different moments and various moments of outrageous or upsetting norms or crazy. we have seen this turning point with trump. i don't think we should under estimate that the president has a deep appetite and capacity for conflict and chaos. he almost thrives on it. he likes being at war whether it is on the ground or in his mind.
4:29 pm
he is starting to connect the dots in the mueller investigation in a way i don't think he did in the preceding, or several months prior to now. suddenly realizing his son don jr. >> demagogues are not a great career choice. thank you. up next, editors have united today to denounce president trump's attacks today as the enemy of the people. calling the fake news media the opposition party. this is "hardball" where the action is.
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i call it the fake news, the enemy of the people and they are. they are the enemy of the people. these are really, really dishonest people and they are bad people. fake news. fake news. they are fake. and even these people back here, these horrible horrendous people. they can make anything bad. because they are the fake, fake disgusting news. the enemy. >> a few of president trump's attacks on the media.
4:34 pm
today reminding people that journalist is not the enemy. newspaper responding to president trump. the globe wrote the greatest of america depends on the free press to speak the truth, to the powerful. to label the press the enemy of the people is dangerous. true to form president trump responded by denouncing the effort on twitter. writing it is bad for our country and we are winning. later attacked the globe directly saying the globe is inclusion with others on free press. i am joined by a member of the globe. i keep thinking that this country began because a
4:35 pm
pamphleteer thomas payne. somebody wrote a good editorial. and i think about uncle tom's cabin and all of the things that come, because somebody sat down and wrote something they believed in. and i wonder how a president would dare to criticize the trend of the good enough in our history. >> right. that's exactly what prompted us to do this. it was an alarming turn of events to have the president of the united states your president, my president saying these things about journalist, calling them the enemy of the people. and it really is a dangerous path there. and like you were saying,
4:36 pm
historically, the media has always been attacked and always called bias and sort of, because we hold power accountable. kind of expected that presidents would call a media outlet bias. but the president crossed a line. that is what prompted us to act. felt like we needed to do something and couldn't stand on the sidelines anymore. if we don't do it who else would stand up for the press. >> reflecting its individual perspective. the "new york times" a frequent target wrote insisting that truths you don't like are dangerous to the life blood democracy and calling journalist the enemy of the people is dangerous period. the philadelphia enquirer wrote,
4:37 pm
philadelphia was a birth place of a free press. in kansas, the topeka capital journal argued we are not the enemy of the people, we are the people. the enemy of the people part is particularly awful. one thing to have something clownish to say fake news. but nixon at his worst said the press was his enemy. he didn't say the enemy of the people. he said i have to deal with these people. they are a bunch of liberals and they don't like me. he never said they are the enemy of the people. this is worst. >> exactly. that is exactly right and that is what really we thought a line had been crossed and we just thought that we needed to do something collectively to stand up for the press because you
4:38 pm
know, remind people too, remind people of the stakes here. what is a role. remind people what we do. we hold accountable. and we as an institution, if we get undermine by these attacks, the markets suffer and we all suffer. >> can i shift to a religious topic with you. the boston -- >> that's totally fine. >> a new player, a guy named ramos, you are not invincible up there in the hub of the universe. just so you know that. >> that's okay. that's okay because we're going to be winning again soon. so no worries there. >> thank you so much. ma marse marsela garcia, a good sport.
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[ sobs quietly ]
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look, i thought it was kind of a banana republic kind of thing and i don't like it. i think it is inappropriate. done in a retaliatory way. a continual tearing down of institutions causing americans to lose faith in institutions instead of building them up. >> welcome back to "hardball." that was senator corker responding to president trump's decision to revoke john brennan's security clearance. loan republican speaking out on this. other republicans siding with trump on this.
4:43 pm
>> mr. brennan has gone way over the line in my view and i think restricting his clearance, pulling his clearance makes sense to me. >> about time that he did take away that. because brennan has been outspoken for a guy that has been dealing in national security interest. >> brennan has called the president treasonous and all kinds of things. and the president is pushing back. >> profiles encouraged all. "washington post" reported trump gears to strip more clearance. i am joined by "hardball" panel. what do you make of this aisha.
4:44 pm
not much opposition to king -- well, which king was that? >> henry the viii. >> corker, he is retiring. and he is not up for re-election. >> flake shows up. >> yeah. for those republicans who are going to be up for election again, they lose their base because their base is happy with trump. it is shortsighted because when you have a democrat in the white house and they start pulling clearances from republicans or people from the trump administration, i am sure that will make them very upset. >> what do you make of it george? >> it is outrage fatigue. corker is right, let's stipulate this is a small meanly motivated decision. no one has to use the phrase you
4:45 pm
used. silence mr. brennan. if he wants to go on being the gladiator of many rooms he can. his speech is not come prpromis. if you lose, friends, if you lose -- you still have freedom of speech. >> a wise st steward and a fair steward, is he being one? >> no. and here is where i think it is problematic when it comes to republicans. this is where they decide they are like, yes, this person should be punished. never said anything about comey, no problem with the president attacking and abusing any critics. if donald trump wanted to take away security clearance because
4:46 pm
it was found that he was involved in torture and lying, i would not very a problem with that. >> chief strategist steve bannon has a new message for republican voters. support your local republican candidate or risk seeing president trump impeached. a new political group focused on the midterms. in an interview he says this is political for me. this other side, they are motivated. and they are motivated for one thing, they want to impeach donald trump. your assessment of that. >> mr. bannon is supposed to be the cunning thinker. he says if republicans don't turn out, republicans will suffer. duh. this is not a blazing insight. >> he wants, i would guess he wants to get back in his good graces and back into the good
4:47 pm
graces of some part of the republican establishment. he is on the outs right now. and trump is known to be forgiving to people who come back. >> protocol. >> even about to be chairman of the judiciary committee. they don't want to look too hungry for this thing. >> campaign manager corey lewandowski. here was his response. >> he loves the drive. and i shouldn't tell the story, but he was driving his rolls royce up to the golf course and
4:48 pm
i remember he was talking on the telephone. and guess what happened, when you are in new york and you are on the telephone and you drive the rolls royce, you get stopped. >> that is using corey lewandowski using the signal for a car phone. how does trump a man of enormous means appeal to joe six pack? he apparently does. it doesn't matter if he drives -- by the way, they don't make rolls royce here. this isn't part of making america great. >> i have argued that in america, we love the right kind of rich guy. the rich guy we can touch. bill gates, computers. >> we don't like money guys. >> although when we retire, we
4:49 pm
do want somebody to make money with our money. >> right. this trump is aspirational for people. this works for a certain segment of the population. smarter for him than running around saying mitt romney running around. >> trump talks like regular people. >> a sinatra like appeal to joe regular. >> i don't think he is trying to appeal to regular people. he is the revenge of west egg against east egg. the nouveau rich. this is what this is about. >> you would call donald trump a romantic. >> hah. >> i am curious about, let me go back to this thing with the security thing. pettiness. i think of trump as a grown-up
4:50 pm
8-year-old. he likes pretty women, money, big gorgeous cars and splashy models and supermodels. it is not complicated. >> he is not the first in a sense. teddy roosevelt's best friend, a british diplomat and when people come to washington and say tell us about the president, you have to understand the president, teddy roosevelt is 8 years old. he was an ebullient -- >> bully. >> wonderful guy in many ways. trump is 8 years old in a different way. >> thank you. he is not up there, on bully. he didn't lead any charges up sam hill. up next, a tribute to aretha
4:51 pm
franklin. the queen of soul. queen of many things. you're watching "hardball." ♪
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trump watch thursday august 16, 2018.
5:00 pm
we hear president trump call the american press the enemy of the people. good to recall what an earlier president said on the subject. quote, no more essential ingredient than a free, strong and independent press to what the founding fathers called our noble experience in self government. that was president ronald reagan. today the editors in over 300 newspaper defending their proof to power. "all in with chris hayes" starting right now. >> tonight on "all in". >> i said to myself, this russia thing is a made up story. >> the president does it again connecting the russia investigation. >> mr. trump is getting more and more concerned. more and more desperate. i would say more and more


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